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Should you be eager to explore the captivating and potentially profitable realm of digital assets, your search has led you to the ideal destination. In my capacity as a cryptocurrency mentor, I am here to serve as your compass on the path toward achieving financial liberation and independence. Through my guidance, you will acquire the skills necessary to navigate the intricate and swiftly changing landscape of cryptocurrency with assurance, comprehension, and accomplishments.




Conducting thorough research upfront is a crucial aspect of successful trading. It’s essential to stay updated with the latest trends and news in the cryptocurrency market.

Utilizing tools such as chart patterns, indicators, and moving averages allows us to analyze the past performance of various cryptocurrencies. This analysis aids in making predictions about their future price movements, enabling informed trading decisions.


Personalized Coaching

I offer personalized coaching to improve clients’ cryptocurrency knowledge and trading skills. This includes goal assessment, customized coaching, ongoing support, and progress tracking. 

I empower clients to actively engage in their learning, fostering confidence and expertise in the cryptocurrency world.

Risk Management

I can assist you in creating a personalized risk management plan to reduce cryptocurrency losses. This plan may incorporate stop-loss orders, which automatically sell a coin or token at a predetermined price, position sizing to allocate a specific amount of money to a trade or investment, diversification to spread investments across various coins and tokens, and evaluating the risk-reward ratio. 

I’ll guide you in comprehending and implementing these strategies within a tailored risk management plan.


Trading Signals​

I employ a blend of fundamental and technical analysis to offer precise signals. This involves evaluating data on the price, volume, and market capitalization of specific coins and tokens. My team thoroughly trades and reviews each crypto signal for accuracy before sharing it with clients.

Portfolio Management​

My role includes actively building and overseeing your cryptocurrency portfolio, offering comprehensive support throughout your investment journey. A key goal is to diversify your investments across various cryptocurrencies for maximum returns.



Market Analysis and Insights​

I have the ability to offer you valuable insights and detailed analyses of the ever-changing cryptocurrency market. These insights aim to provide you with a clear understanding of the complex market trends influencing its volatility.




I offer comprehensive education covering essential fundamentals, effective risk management strategies, and optimal trading methodologies often lacking in traders. I strongly believe in the importance of accessible and quality education for both traders and investors. My trading sessions are thoughtfully designed to create a strong support network and a thriving trading community, providing flexibility to align with your personal schedule.

Furthermore, my real-time trading signals are meticulously curated for the most prominent cryptocurrency pairs. This real-time signal delivery serves as a pivotal tool in comprehending and interpreting crypto-trading signals accurately. The goal is to move beyond blind holding and embrace intelligent trading. By making informed decisions and trading astutely, you can navigate the dynamic cryptocurrency market with confidence.



The online landscape is saturated with crypto trading advice, so why choose my service? I provide diverse trading options for an exceptional experience, effective strategies for your trades, and prompt customer service. My focus is on continuous improvement, aiming to create a dynamic platform that caters to all your needs. Trust is paramount, emphasizing collaborative success.

I’ve assembled a skilled team committed to delivering exceptional service for your financial goals. Our traders offer strategies for well-informed decisions, ensuring the security of your profits. My service educates on combining Value Investing and Momentum Trend methodologies, maximizing profit margins in various time-frames. Each crypto signal offers comprehensive information for risk-averse trading—knowing which pair to trade, going long or short, and targeting entry and exit prices upon receiving a signal. These signals stem from various factors such as news, technical analysis, and prevailing market conditions, paving the way for significant returns and refined trading strategies.



I’ve devised a percentage-based profit-sharing model that aligns my interests with yours, ensuring that I only benefit when you do. This model not only reflects fairness but also transparency, instilling a sense of confidence in the services I offer. By adhering to this approach, I aim to build a strong rapport with my clients.

Given the initial trading amount you invest, we have the potential to progressively achieve substantial returns ranging from 180% to 310% ROI over a span of 14 to 28 Trading Days. Subsequently, a nominal mentorship fee of 15% would be applicable to the accumulated profits realized during this trading period. What distinguishes my services is the autonomy and control you maintain over your trading account. All aspects, including deposits, trading activities, and withdrawals, are managed exclusively by you, underscoring a sense of security.

I’ve meticulously conducted in-depth research into various trading platforms, closely examining numerous reviews across multiple platforms. This diligent analysis has allowed me to identify and select the most optimal platform tailored to the needs of my clients. This way, I am confident in providing you with a trading environment that is both secure and conducive to your financial objectives.



Most frequent questions and answers

My cryptocurrency trading course is designed to help traders navigate the cryptocurrency market effectively and profitably. The course consists of several key components that work together to enhance your trading skills and knowledge

To get started, simply get in touch with me to gain access to all of my available resources. My goal is to empower you with the knowledge, skills, and support necessary to succeed in the world of cryptocurrency trading.

The cost of my course is 15% off the accumulated earnings generated under my tutelage. This commission is only applicable to the profits you make, so there is no need to worry about any upfront fees. I believe in offering a fair and transparent pricing system for my students, and the commission-based structure ensures that I am motivated to help you achieve profitable results. My goal is to help you become a successful trader and achieve financial independence through cryptocurrency trading.

While the number of trading signals may vary depending on market conditions, my aim is to provide you with a consistent flow of high-quality signals. My focus is on quality over quantity, ensuring that the signals you receive have the best potential for profit.

Absolutely! My course is designed to cater to traders of all experience levels, from beginners to seasoned professionals. I provide educational resources and personalized coaching sessions that are tailored to your needs, ensuring that you receive the support and guidance necessary to succeed in the crypto market.


My name is Flora Elkin and I’m a cryptocurrency enthusiast with a passion for helping others succeed in this exciting and ever-evolving cryptocurrency world. I hold an MSc in Finance & Investment from the University of California, After graduating, began my career at  CETERA INVESTMENT ADVISERS LLC, where I worked as an investment advisor and broker for 7 years. Throughout this period, I gained invaluable experience in investing and developed a profound understanding of the global financial markets.

My enthusiasm for cryptocurrencies blossomed as I recognized the transformative potential of this technology in shaping the future of finance. In recent years, I have dedicated my focus to cryptocurrency, becoming an expert in the field. My expertise spans technical intricacies, economic dynamics, and political factors influencing cryptocurrency values. I am deeply passionate about aiding others in comprehending and navigating the intricate realm of cryptocurrency. This commitment is reflected in the personalized one-on-one coaching and signal services I offer.

Whether you are a novice seeking to enter the cryptocurrency space or an experienced trader aiming to refine your strategy, I am here to support you in achieving your goals. Additionally, I provide comprehensive market analyses to keep my clients informed about the latest trends and developments. In essence, I serve as your personal crypto coach, guiding you through the vibrant world of digital currency.

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Hear From My Happy Clients

I was apprehensive about cryptocurrency, but Flora made it easy and enjoyable. Her guidance transformed my understanding, and now I'm a confident investor, thrilled with my journey.

Chris Sendler

I've used Flora Elkin's signals for months, and their accuracy impresses me. These signals consistently guide my market decisions, leading to a positive return on my investments.

Mila Kunis

Flora was an incredible one-on-one cryptocurrency coach. Her infectious passion and skills in the market helped me learn a lot. I do endorse her to anyone seeking to deepen their knowledge of the crypto world.

Jake Johnson
I've been using Flora Elkin's service for a few months, and I'm genuinely impressed with her strategies and user-friendly trading tools. Her recommended platforms are easy to navigate, enabling me to swiftly learn how to trade and manage my portfolio. What I particularly appreciate is the wide variety of trading instruments and the availability of real-time market data with customizable charts. It's a reliable and user-friendly trading platform.
Lester E. Marez
After years of searching for an advantage in the cryptocurrency market, I came across Flora. Her exceptional crypto education course has offered comprehensive guidance throughout my journey. She promptly responds to help you grasp and interpret price actions through in-depth analysis. It became my ultimate destination for crypto learning!
Gary Walsh
My trading journey had its share of challenges, from experimenting with indicators to struggling with risk management and lacking knowledge of trading psychology. However, everything changed when I met Flora Elkin. She's a genuine trader who doesn't promote a lavish lifestyle or fake results. Flora introduced me to spot trading and the strategies used by financial institutions. With dedication and the application of her teachings, success is attainable.
Grace Inman

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